Equity Metals is committed to responsible exploration and protection of the environment surrounding its operations. We are committed to the application of policies and management plans that will guide sustainable mining exploration. Our environmental initiatives are designed to ensure best practices in land and water use which are monitored and managed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. 

Social and Community

Equity Metals strives to support the surrounding communities throughout the exploration process. Equity Metals is committed to working with rights holders, local communities, and stakeholders to listen and learn about their concerns and to finding mutually acceptable outcomes. Engaging with, supporting, and giving back to our people and the surrounding local communities is a fundamental value of Equity Metals. 


Having an established governance structure allows the company to meet the commitments set in place through policies and management plans. Equity Metals believes that having a governance structure that reflects and upholds company values is an important foundation of its ongoing commitment to environmental and social initiatives.

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